Seven Steps to Recovery

June 12, 2019

Health Care Insurers and Employers can access high quality, cost-effective medical treatment in Australia by following these 7 easy steps:

You are offered a comprehensive array of leading edge health care. – Cardio-Thoracic , Cardiology, Urology, Bariatrics, IVF, Preventative Medicine, Radio Therapy, Neurosurgery and Spinal procedures, Orthopedics, technology and consultative diagnostic services both in person and remotely through telemedicine.

Step 1: Identification

Australia Health Tourism works closely with our institutional partners in first identifying and selecting medical procedures which provide the greatest value to patient and company. Those patient sub-groups who would most benefit medically are also defined and indicative price band costs for each medical procedure provided

Step 2: Nomination

When a patient wishes to undertake medical or additional treatment in Australia, a nomination form is completed listing the desired medical procedure. At this time, a Patient Requirement Checklist is also completed which allows clarification of non-medical requirements such as airfares, accommodation, special requests etc.

Step 3: Medical Assessment

Pre-specified detailed medical information regarding the patient is forwarded by the company, patient and/or patient’s doctor to AHT outlining a summary of the patient’s current medical condition and background, as well as all relevant imaging and investigations. These will be reviewed by our experienced clinicians.

Step 4: Medical Acceptance and Formal Quote

Once the medical information has been reviewed, the patient will be formally accepted by the clinician as being suitable to undertake the procedure requested. At this time, a more accurate estimate of costs will be provided.

Step 5: Medical & Non-Medical Arrangements

Once confirmation of desire to undertake treatment in Australia is obtained from the patient, all medical appointments are made and a medical treatment itinerary developed to allow clarity of appointments and time lines of treatment. At the same time, all non-medical arrangements are also booked to seamlessly coordinate with the medical appointments and treatment.

Step 6: Medical Treatment

At every stage of the medical management process, the patient will benefit from the support from representatives of Australia Health Tourism. Highly skilled and professional support staff will assist the patient and any traveling companions whether it be from airport to the accommodation or from appointments with specialists and admission into hospital.

Step 7: Return Home and Ongoing Follow-up

Once cleared to travel by the medical specialist, return transport to the airport will be arranged and a reconciliation of all costs forwarded. They are assured of continuity with health experts, to provide a clear picture of health status and who understands their needs and goals providing a referable record for the future. Patients return home confident they enjoy ongoing access to world class health professionals through Australia’s renowned quality in individual health service provision and follow up program.