NMN supplements help in reversing aging – but are there side effects?

February 11, 2021

NMN, once inside an animal’s cells, it feeds into the production of NAD+. This provides cells with the needed energy, and is thought to be essential for healthy aging. NAD+ also plays an important role when it comes to activating proteins that maintains the integrity of our DNA. As it plays the central role in so many cellular processes, the potential advantages of NMN extend to nearly all body systems. Next, we will discuss some of these benefits.

Benefits of NMN

  • Protecting against heart diseases

It is true that your skeletal muscles can take breaks. However, your heart cannot take rest. In fact, it cannot even slow down its pace without causing serious problems. Thus, the energy requirement of your heart is essential. It needs to make all the NAD+ it can for it to keep ticking. This is the reason why your cardiac cells need a stable supply of NMN.

  • Improving strength and muscle endurance

According to researches, it was discovered that people who were feed NMN for extended periods of time with no side effects and had better energy metabolism. As we age the supply of NAD+ declines which can affect the health of our muscle growth.

  • Promoting blood flow and vascular health

We depend on our skeletal muscles for strength, stability and movement. To remain in good condition and to be strong, these muscles need to consume significant amount of key energy molecules like fatty acids and glucose. As NAD+ is needed to absorb these molecules, these muscles will need a stable supply of NMN.

According to different studies, it was seen that NMN protects against different aging related declines in health like our cell’s capability to keep dividing, oxidative stress and stiffening of blood vessels.

  • Enhancing maintenance of DNA repair

The NAD+ produced from NMN activates a group of proteins that goes by the name Sirtuins. It plays an important role in maintaining DNA integrity. The DNA at the very end of our chromosomes happen to grow a tiny bit shorter each time our cells divide. This begins to damage our genes at a certain point. Sirtuins job is to slow down this procedure. This is done by stabilizing those end bits. Sirtuins depends upon NAD+.

  • Lowering the risk of obesity

During research, it was discovered that NMN displays an effect that copies aspects of CR (Calorie Restriction). CR is known for providing many numerous benefits to health and aging. Thus, in this way NMN is quite beneficial.

Side effects of NMN

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, currently based on different studies, has no side effects. To date, there happens to be no evidence that shows any negative side effects. Here it should be mentioned that warm/hot temperature of NMN is not recommended. It can be poisonous to your body. Thus, it is necessary to always store the NMN ideally in a fridge or in cool climate.