Is Aspen a nice place to go skiing?

October 27, 2019

Aspen ski resort packages has become synonymous with skiing and winter-time fun in the USA. Offering holiday homes for the rich and boasting a sophisticated population, this mountain town has become a center for arts, culture, fine dining, and shopping.


For Aussies who are tired of summer days on the beach and prawns on the barbie, the long journey to this American mountain paradise can be well worth the price of accommodation and the long flight.


Aspen is a must-visit destination for travelers from all over looking for fabulous skiing and nightlife to match. Sure, there might be better places to go skiing in the world, but few destinations attract the same type of crowd that earned Aspen its stellar reputation.


Skiers looking to hit the powder can find slopes of varying degrees of difficulty in the four main skiing areas. It may be a challenge to access these mountains depending on where you’re staying, but carefully planning where you want to stay and where you want to ski can make things easier.


Many hotels and resorts offer free lift passes depending on the number of nights guests stay there.


Staying in Aspen can be a bit pricey depending on the season. It’s not uncommon to see prices double, triple, or quadruple during the main skiing season between January and March when compared to the American summer months.


Although Aspen is often associated with luxury and the rich and famous, there are a few ways to go on holiday here without breaking the bank. Consider staying at a nearby town in an Airbnb and then driving to the slopes. There are also free buses that take passengers from nearby locations so you can skip the parking fees.


So to answer again in short, yes, Aspen is a great destination for your summer escape skiing holiday. The combination of mountain resorts, restaurants, hotels, and cultural offerings can create an unforgettable experience.