How to repair alloy rims?

July 28, 2019

If you decided to present the second life for your car wheels you should know how to repair alloy rims. It is very important to select the correct and competent technology, which is linked with the process of production of alloy wheels. It is known that alloy rims are made with hot casting. Currently there are several ways to repair alloy rims.

How to repair alloy rims with welding?

This method of alloy rim repair is the most common. Using welding, you can repair damages such as external chips, cracks, scratches and other damaged areas. However, using any welding repaired alloy rims is not 100% safe. Experienced experts know, that it is forbidden to overheat the alloy rims. It can be concluded that a high-quality alloy rims repair by welding is simply impossible, since welding involves heat treatment. As a result, the rim can change its shape, what will further change its characteristics. Thus, the rim repaired by welding cannot withstand the load.

How to repair alloy rims with straightening (rolling)

Rim straightening method is used when the discs are damaged slightly and their using is not dangerous for driver. The straightening of alloy rims is also called “rolling” and is most often used during tire mounting.

The alloy rims rolling is produced by the same equipment as while repairing of steel rims. The special straightening machine is used. In this case, the alloy rim should never be heated. In order to level the disc, it is best to use a conventional. Unfortunately, not all experts find patience for such repairs.

Painting of alloy rims

It is possible to restore the paintwork of an alloy rim, but it should be done by professionals. Even after quality painting, it is important to check the disc with specialized equipment for the presence of static imbalance, which may occur due to uneven distribution of the paintwork.

Surfacing alloy rim

This is another method that involves heating the rim. It is related to the method of welding repair. The surfacing of the steel occurs in areas of potholes with the help of argon-arc welding equipment. After surfacing, the extra parts of the metal are cut off, and instead of a high-quality and reliable alloy, you just get its attractive appearance.

In addition to the above methods for alloy rim repairing, the modern automotive services offer a wide range of other methods. Some of them are justified, and some do not have any sense. The most popular include several methods of manual alloy rims repair with using of jacks, hammers and sledgehammers. These methods can be justified if the repair is carried out in accordance with numerous requirements. These methods are more relevant for small damages.  Alternatively, you can seek alloy rim repair in melbourne & find a professional to take care of this on your behalf.