How To Prevent Mould Growth In The Home

October 9, 2019

Now that we are in the more humid months of the year, many people are wondering how to prevent mould growth in the home. However, it helps to first consider how and why mould growth even happens in the first place. It all really starts with water and moisture. During the warm months of the year, especially during the rainy season, the amount of moisture that is suspended in the air, known as humidity, reaches its peak levels. This humidity can be felt when you walk outdoors, as many have described the feeling as though they have been hit by a steam towel from the moment they step outside their door in the morning. Improper air circulation within your home on these humid days can actually cause that moisture to accumulate within your home, which brings us to the first step in how to prevent mould growth in the home.


One of the best ways to on how to prevent mould growth in the home is to keep the air flowing. Moving air prevents moist, damp patches of humidity from being able to build up in the rooms within your home. Another factor that can increase your risk of having a mould problem is warm air, so you want to make sure to keep your cooling system running regularly through the summer months in order to maintain a cool temperature throughout your home to prevent mould growth. The air conditioning unit actually performs double duty because in addition to cooling the air, it also draws moisture out of the air within your home, helping to keep internal humidity levels low.


When considering other variables of how to prevent mould growth in the home, it is important to remember that this invasive annoyance will tend to appear on surfaces that easily absorb moisture. Exposed drywall within your home can become the perfect breeding ground for mould, so you will want to ensure that these surfaces are covered in paint to seal out moisture. Follow these steps, and you will decrease the risk of your home being inundated with mould.