Home Building Franchises for Sale

May 15, 2022

Extravagant homes built for the wealthy are a thing of the past, with more and more average Australians now wanting to build homes they can afford. Building a new home is exciting, but the process can be a hassle if you don’t choose the right franchise. So, before diving headfirst into building your own home, read our guide on how to choose a home building franchise.

Building a home from the ground up requires commitment, time, and money. Some people even choose to purchase a home that’s already been built and then complete any necessary renovations. But can you really save big on a home building franchise, and is it a good investment? Just like any business, there are some pros and cons to purchasing a home building franchise, so weigh your options carefully.

Home building franchises for sale in Australia are a great alternative to opening a brand-new business from scratch. Rather than paying for building land and hiring builders, you can instead buy a franchise of an established home building company.

Integrity Franchising

Integrity Franchise Ltd is an Australian-owned business that has been providing franchises across various areas, including food, home building, accountancy, and financial services. Integrity Franchising has home building franchises for sale in Australia at affordable prices. Their franchises offer affordable homes for first-time homebuyers and retirees who want to downsize. Integrity Franchising has a franchise for sale to suit your skills and interests. You can run a franchise in one suburb or expand to multiple suburbs.

Harrington Homes

Are you searching for a home building franchise for sale in Australia? Take a look at the list of available franchise programs from Harrington Homes. These turn-key property developments offer low start-up costs, and over the last decade, they have built hundreds of homes across Australia. Harrington Homes are also looking for new franchise owners who can provide the same level of service to their community.

Green Homes Australia
If you’ve always wanted to build your own eco-friendly home, now’s your chance! Green Homes Australia has home building franchises for sale in Australia. Australian families have been looking for energy-efficient homes while also looking to save money, and Green Homes Australia’s franchises have been built with these in mind. Many Australians are turning to the all-natural building materials sold by Green Homes Australia since they’ve been using them for years in Australia and around the world.