Getting Your Forklifting License in Australia

July 11, 2019
Getting a license is an absolute necessity if your job description entails operating this type of truck for 8 hours straight. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been moving one since before you got the job because the number of fatalities each year requires that everyone take as much precaution as possible to prevent additional accidents. Knowing this, is it hard to get your forklift license in Australia? Absolutely not, but unlike most countries where licenses are issued by training centres after certifications, forklift license at Dandenong are issued by the WorkCover/WorkSafe office. Here’s a breakdown of the types of forklift licenses, what you’ll need and how long it’ll take to get one.
Types of Forklift Licenses
– LF License: allows you to operate almost all types of forklifts with the exception of a stock picker/order picker forklift. So the license would be valid for any truck with a mast, and elevating load carriage that has fork arms or other attachments.
– LO License: gives you permit to operate only stock picker/order picker forklifts. That is, forklift trucks that have the controls elevating with load carriage or lifting media.
Eligibility for Forklift License
– Be able to use English at a level that’ll ensure safety in the work environment
– Be at least 18 years old
– Score at least 100 points of identification
– Be certified by a recognised training organisation (RTO), meaning you would have completed a training course and been assessed by a professional of high risk work.
How Long Does the Training Take?
It depends on your level of forklift truck driving skill. Generally, the more experienced you are, the less time it takes to be certified. The training can be completed between 1 and 4 days, whichever is suitable for your skill and need.
License assessment involves getting 100% in critical knowledge and calculation assessments, 90% in non critical knowledge questions, and getting all performance assessment correct. If you pass, you’ll be given an interim license and asked to apply for a permanent one within 60 days. Note that the permanent one is valid for 5 years and can be renewed without further testing. Tests can be retaken after 48 hours for failed sections, but will have to be retaken completely after 90 days.