Benefits Of A Hard Lid For Your Ute

August 4, 2019

Ute Lids are extremely popular in Australia.  Their uses vary massively, all the way from looking good to practical use when it comes to preventing thieves from stealing tradies tools.  Below we list down some of the benefits of having a hard lip.

The various reasons why you should select Ute Lids include:-

  • Safety: Open truck bed invites the chance to haul around your bag, tools, and equipments. Together with the hard lid, truck owners are able to turn their truck bed into a trunk which will secure the products.- Protection: It protects your truck bed from sunlight, rain, and debris damage. If you will need to transport something on a rainy season, you will be pleased to keep everything dry. Deeper channels are utilised to permit for water retention.


  • Aesthetics: Tough lids looks cool and will give your truck a distinctive streamlined look that lots of folks find appealing. Carpet lining in the inside also enhances visual aesthetics.- Utility: Can you use your truck to haul a whole lot of scraps?



  • Struts Twin Lift: These will counter the weight that makes opening and closing easier. The struts can lift up the lid to 1.2m.- LED light: It is integrated on top of the lid. The light enhances visions so you can get your items with no hassle.